The Last Address

Traces of Family and History in Memory and Montage 

by Leslie Starobin

After riots shook Tripoli, a Libyan couple grabbed their toddler, a wedding gift and bridal portrait, and departed the country by boat. The year was 1949. This timely story—one of many distinct narratives about the Jewish Diaspora in the twentieth century—is featured in THE LAST ADDRESS, a multi-year photomontage and oral history project. As memories of the Holocaust and 'The Forgotten Exodus' of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries dim, Starobin has sought out the remaining indigenous voices, including her relatives. She interviewed Jews from across the globe about their journeys of hope and flight. She composed still-life photomontages from "the things they carried" and passed down to their children and grandchildren.

Project Preface and four stories with text excerpts are shown on this website:
From Berlin to Shanghai •  German Patrols on Piotrkowska Street
The Libyan Legacy •  The Flight out of Ethiopia

Below are a sampling of montages from The Last Address portfolio.


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